Re: Can someone please help with a nasty Windows Defender issue?

Christo de Klerk


When you run the Media Creation Tool, after it got a few things together, you will be presented with a screen with Legal, Support, Back and Next buttons, and a radio button which, by default, is set to Upgrade this PC. Press down arrow once which will give you the option to create an ISO file. I am at that point now and ready to press Next. Let us hope this process will do it, because nothing else so far has. I am following the steps provided by Brian Vogel. I hope we both will be successful. This is a nasty thing and I have absolutely no idea what could have caused it.

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On 2020/11/14 10:34am, Fanus wrote:

Hello Brian

I have more or less the same problem as Christo and I find no repair option when running the iso. There are only options for installing or downloading an iso file for installation on other machines, so how does one access the repair item?





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             First, for yourself and others for future reference, never, never, never attempt to tweak Windows Security by manually downloading anything like a specific MSI unless you are specifically doing so under the direction of a Microsoft Engineer.  That way can very often lie madness!

My standard advice with regard to any significant peculiarity with regard to when a known built-in component or feature of Windows 10 is misbehaving is not going to change:

1. Using SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management) to Repair Windows 8 & 10

then, if that doesn't solve the problem move on to

2. Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10 ISO file

Step one is usually enough, but there are rare occasions when you do need to do a repair install of Windows 10 much like repair installs of other Microsoft software like Office.

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