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On 11/12/20, Jim Flusche <> wrote:
Navigating the W-10 desktop
This is a text tutorial, provided freely by Jim Flusche in the name of
Jesus! anyone may freely share this file.
This text file is updated to the W2004 update.

1. Pressing the Windows key, will open and shut the Start button search edit
2. Pressing the Windows key+M or D, will take you to the desktop.
3. Pressing the Windows key+T, will take you to the first item on the
*Tip, if you forget the windows shortcut to open a program, after pressing
Windows key+T, press the first letter of the program or app to jump to it,
press enter to open.
4. Pressing Windows key+B, will take you to the notification Chevron
*Tip, if you have all system tray items showing, you will only see system
tray area instead of the notification chevron button.
5. Pressing Windows key+a, will open/close the action center in W-10.
6. Pressing Windows key+E, will open a pinned list of quick access items in
your file explorer window.
*I will cover the file explorer quick access later on in a different text
7. Pressing Control+Windows+Enter, starts/stops Narrator in the W2004
8. Pressing Windows key+x, Opens the Quick Link menu, Same as pressing the
applications key on the start button.
*What items are under the quick link menu in the W2004 update?
After pressing windows key+X, press the up arrow one time and then press
the down arrow, you will hear.
Apps and Features
Power Options
Event Viewer
Device Manager
Network Connections
Disk Management
Computer Management
Command Prompt
Command Prompt (Admin)
Task Manager
File Explorer
Shut down or sign out sub menu
You wrap back around to the Desktop
Tip, notice the programs and features item is missing from the quick link
menu, pin the control panel to the taskbar, because the programs and
features link is there.

You can email me My email is:<>
Happy learning! God bless! From your humble Pinhead!

Sincerely: Jim Flusche.

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