Re: How to check the win 10 version of iso downloaded from Microsoft


What is the name of the ISO file itself?

What downloads if you're using the Media Creation Tool will always be the most current release as of the day you're downloading it, and since 20H2 made its debut on October 21, 2020, if you used the MCT to create a copy after that it will be 20H2.

Also, the Media Creation Tool itself should have the name of the version it creates right in the name of its executable as well.  At one time this could not be relied on 100% as "the last releases" MCT would still fetch the latest release, at least for a while.  I do not know if Microsoft has changed that such that an MCT for a specific release will never get anything but that release, or not.  I do know that if you try to run the MCT for "an older release" you will get the message that it cannot be used anymore and that you need to obtain a copy of the latest MCT.

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