Re: Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10

Hamit Campos

Ah that reminds me my XPS did  update to 2004 I'd have to get ya the build. Ah it's build 19041.610. Then it was doing that. Again I stress with the Backup Pluss drive hooked up.

On 11/10/2020 8:20 AM, William Wong wrote:
Today my friend ask me, could my new pc problem is caused by the latest windows 10 2004. But I told him that I could not identify whether the problem is related to Windows 10 or not.

If it is a Windows 10 issue, I could definitely not needed to replace or refund my pc and just wait for the patch from Microsoft...but who knows what cause the problem.....

Loy 於 10/11/2020 2:18 寫道:
I believe it is 30 days. Look on their web site and find out for sure, or
call customer service.
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How long is that time? It's the 9th of November. Mine came a fewdays before

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No restocking fee if you return it in the allotted time period. I returned
one a couple of years ago and they sent me a paid return Label. I then
reorder another computer and it is working great.
I can't believe that they would want you to replace the logic board
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Don't know if Dell is like HP but if you return a laptop there is a
restocking fee which is something like 15 percent of the value of the

On 11/8/2020 8:38 PM, William Wong wrote:
I finally contacted Dell support and offered to replace with a new one.

But it is strange that, Dell instructed me to going through a
diagnostic mechanism and reported that the pc has no hardware issue.

He suspected that the high ram issue is related to the apps I am running.

I told him that, I am using the same set of apps on a older machine on
2013, and it even cost fewer ram memory.

Then he suspected it may be related to logic board issue and suggested
me to replace the logic board.

I said, if I wait for the logic board replacement, it may exceeded the
7day of return or replace requirement, then I request a replacement.

Loy 於 8/11/2020 3:58 寫道:
I would call 'Dell and get a Return Authorization Number before
returning it. I have found that Dell is very good in honoring their
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Subject: [win10] Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10


As my old pc has broken down all at a sudden, I bought a new Dell
desktop computer with

8GB ram

Intel 10 generation core i5

250G SSD and 1TB HDD

I found that my new computer will always run out of ram

I simply open a few apps like one firefox, several folders and a
notepad ++

and my NVDA will soon became very unresponsive

According to resource monitor the physical袃ram is around 9x and
virtual ram is also 3xG

I have already manually increased the virtual ram, disabled possible
performance hindering default apps, etc, but the problem seemed not

Only today I have already manually forced turn off the computer
because of not responding nvda for 3 times or more, and this is only
my third day of using this new pc.

I feel really frustrated , do any one can give me any useful advice?



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