Re: Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10

Mike Capelle <mcap@...>

What exactly is going on?

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Subject: Re: [win10] Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10

Today my friend ask me, could my new pc problem is caused by the latest
windows 10 2004. But I told him that I could not identify whether the
problem is related to Windows 10 or not.

If it is a Windows 10 issue, I could definitely not needed to replace or
refund my pc and just wait for the patch from Microsoft...but who knows
what cause the problem.....

Loy 於 10/11/2020 2:18 寫道:
I believe it is 30 days. Look on their web site and find out for sure, or
call customer service.
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Subject: Re: [win10] Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10

How long is that time? It's the 9th of November. Mine came a fewdays before

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No restocking fee if you return it in the allotted time period. I returned
one a couple of years ago and they sent me a paid return Label. I then
reorder another computer and it is working great.
I can't believe that they would want you to replace the logic board
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Don't know if Dell is like HP but if you return a laptop there is a
restocking fee which is something like 15 percent of the value of the

On 11/8/2020 8:38 PM, William Wong wrote:
I finally contacted Dell support and offered to replace with a new one.

But it is strange that, Dell instructed me to going through a
diagnostic mechanism and reported that the pc has no hardware issue.

He suspected that the high ram issue is related to the apps I am running.

I told him that, I am using the same set of apps on a older machine on
2013, and it even cost fewer ram memory.

Then he suspected it may be related to logic board issue and suggested
me to replace the logic board.

I said, if I wait for the logic board replacement, it may exceeded the
7day of return or replace requirement, then I request a replacement.

Loy 於 8/11/2020 3:58 寫道:
I would call 'Dell and get a Return Authorization Number before
returning it. I have found that Dell is very good in honoring their
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Sent: Saturday, November 7, 2020 8:44 AM
Subject: [win10] Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10


As my old pc has broken down all at a sudden, I bought a new Dell
desktop computer with

8GB ram

Intel 10 generation core i5

250G SSD and 1TB HDD

I found that my new computer will always run out of ram

I simply open a few apps like one firefox, several folders and a
notepad ++

and my NVDA will soon became very unresponsive

According to resource monitor the physical袃ram is around 9x and
virtual ram is also 3xG

I have already manually increased the virtual ram, disabled possible
performance hindering default apps, etc, but the problem seemed not

Only today I have already manually forced turn off the computer
because of not responding nvda for 3 times or more, and this is only
my third day of using this new pc.

I feel really frustrated , do any one can give me any useful advice?



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