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On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 07:00 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
Because if you weren’t offered it it’s because MS found things about your PC that didn’t meet what ever the requirements are for it to get in this case 20H2. I just still find it funny as hell a totally brand new 2020 Dell XPS 8940 didn’t get it but an Hp from either 2016 or 17 did. Lol!
Not at all atypical, in any way.  Think about how unchanging, and well tested, the component parts involved in older hardware generally are just because they've been out there longer.  The more known and stable a given hardware configuration is, the more likely there's not much more to be known in most cases, and updates go out to it first.

Known quantities are beloved, and generally more trusted, when it comes to applying updates of any sort without unexpected issues.  They've been tested over time out the proverbial wazoo.  Really new stuff, not so much.

But with this I am going to lock this topic, as what needed to be answered has been and the Group Owner has directly requested that questions of this nature not be asked again.  And 5 years plus in to the Windows 10 era, none of this is new news in any way, shape, or form and all of it can be found with ease with a basic web search or archives search or both.

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