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It is long past time that this question stop being asked, as it has been covered, again and again and again on this very group.  And it's been stated on all those occasions that Feature Update rollouts take months, in all cases.  See group Admin Notice, dated May 29, 2020, entitled: A "Public Service Announcement" Regarding Windows 10 Feature Updates & How They Work


The algorithm that decides whether a given system is "ready for the latest feature update" is insanely complicated, not public knowledge, and is known to change based on what Microsoft is learning from system telemetry from systems already updated.  That information has been known to reverse the "ready for the latest feature update" status on specific hardware to "not ready" when an unexpected problem exhibits itself in the field that was not found during testing, and these do happen.  It is not possible for Microsoft or any other major software maker to test for every possible hardware configuration that exists out "in the wild."

You get a feature update either when Microsoft deems your machine ready and you are presented with the Download or install link in the Windows Update Pane of Settings, or by forcing it otherwise.  No one can ever tell you, definitively, why your specific machine has not yet been deemed ready because the criteria can and does change as any Feature Update roll out proceeds.

Hamit put it much more succinctly, "Don't know how MS decides these things."  And unless you happen to be on the development team for Windows Update itself then you can't possibly know, either.

You get it when you get it, period.  At least if you wait for Microsoft to present it to you under Windows Update.

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