Re: Windows 10 issues - please help



         Depending on whether by "system updates" you mean provided by Microsoft via Windows Update or not, the information I have at the beginning of Britechguy’s Standard Advice Regarding Windows 10 Issues and Their Repair may be helpful for rolling back those updates.  Since you have no sound, and I presume you depend on same, you will need sighted assistance not because someone who's blind cannot do the roll back independently if they have a functioning screen reader and sound, I don't know how you could do it without that.

          If you're talking installing other software, drivers, etc., sourced elsewhere, then restoration from a system image backup would be the easiest option.  And not to rub salt in an open wound, but this is another teachable moment about why it's critical to take full system images at regular intervals.  Having system images to restore from is the easiest and cheapest insurance of getting back a functioning system quickly when stuff like this happens.

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