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Hamit Campos

Hi. Don't know how MS decides these things. Because my brand new XPS 8940 didn't get 20H2 either but my either 2016 or 2017 HP laptop did. I forget when I got that laptop. Point being it's older and it got 20H2. I know you use to beable to force it to the new 1 before but I don't know if that's true anymore. In other words I don't know if you and I could just download 20H2 and just install it just because.

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I have a refurbished laptop I bought in February 2020, it's a Dell Inspiron model 15-3573. I ran "winver" today and it said I was up to date. I am not getting the most current Windows 10 OS I see being reported on this list. Is this because my laptop is to old to support a higher Windows OS version?

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