Re: Where can one find the info on one's pc?

JM Casey

You can also just type “system information” into the windows search box and your system summary will appear. It includes a faira mount of data displayed in a tree view.



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On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 02:09 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Windows+Pause  (for opening Settings/System/About in 20H2 or Control Panel, System Item in 2004 or earlier)

That's a completely new one on me!  By the way, laptop users, most of you will not have a dedicated Pause key.  On many (but not all) laptop keyboards the Pause key is the FN+Right Shift Key, so the shortcut becomes WinKey+FN+Right Shift Key.   If your keyboard happens to have it somewhere other than Right Shift, and does not have a dedicated Pause Key, then you'd still use WinKey+FN plus whatever the location is on your particular keyboard.

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