Re: Where can one find the info on one's pc?

JM Casey

I don’t think Belarc allows you to change the format in-programme, but no reason why you couldn’t just hit save in the browser and select plaintext.



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Belarc Advisor is a fabulous utility, and I use it all the time when I have a greater interest in software on the machine than hardware.

I find Speccy much better if it's strictly hardware and OS related specs that are needed, and Belarc Advisor much better when you want a software inventory.

By the way, and not pushing Speccy any more than I have, but the fact that it can save its report in plain text format does make it significantly easier for many screen reader users to deal with that report afterward.  I honestly don't know whether Belarc Advisor has that too, as I've never tried to get anything other than the report it generates that is presented in your default web browser.  If anyone knows, please share.

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