Re: Just checked my SSD to see how full it is.

Jaffar Sidek

Hi Hamit.  Your disk space isn't as acurate as you would expect because as your disk gets formatted for installing windows, data such cache and other formatting gets written to your disk in addition to your windows files.  These take up space, so your disk of say 1000GB has already got a few gb of it's space occupied.  Also you must take into account that if 1MB = 1024KBS and not 100KBS as is usually expected, then space taken up by formatting and windows is far more than expected.  So if your installation occupies say 2GB of space, then 2048MB of your disk space has already been taken, hence your perceived discrepancy.  And last but not least, different Operating Systems, for some reason have slight differentials to their way of calculating disk space and applications sizes.  Mac and Windows are just two such examples.  Hope that helps.  Cheers!

On 9/11/2020 10:55 pm, Hamit Campos wrote:

Hi there friends. So checked the SSD. I cleaned it a bit as wel so now I have 677 GB of 901 GB free. I find the 901 GB thing interesting as it’s a 256 GB SSD. Why is it reporting like this? Shouldn’t it say how much of the full 256 has been used? Or does it not care to report all the GBs eaten by Windows and all the Dell stuff crap or other wize. I just mentioned this because with mine and Bill’s out of memory problem someone said something about you should keep the SSD half empty. So I guess I should according to that keep what ever 256 devided by 2 is free of the SSD. Thanks. Just want to clear all things I myself maybe doing before packing the XPS back up and sending it off back to Dell.

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