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Thanks Brian, downloaded Synctoy 2.1 which seems to be the latest version.

It is asking for dotnet 2 I think and asks if you want to get it which I did, donwload the 64 bit version but it is still asking for dotnet.

It may need a re-boot but it didn’t prompt for it which is unusualy, it normally prompts if it wants one.






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If you're talking about just having a second copy of your D: drive files on another drive, and D: is not a system drive.  That's a straight copy.

Backup and restore, though it can be used this way, generally isn't, but is reserved for the system disk, which you cannot simply copy.

Also, the built in File History utility under Windows 10 is excellent for backing up, and includes file versioning, if that's something you want or need.

If you're just looking to keep a backup copy of all your files, and want those to be maintained "in sync" with the D: drive, I'd suggest you look into SyncToy, which is a free Microsoft utility, that performs this function beautifully and very simply once you've set up what you want to do this for, and whether you want a bi-directional sync between the drives or just unidirectional, where one (D in this case) is the source and the backup drive is the target.

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