Re: Help needed, frustrated about my new Win 10

Jason White

Have you tried a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 from original Microsoft images? That is, totally eliminating the existing installation and installing from a USB drive created by the Media Creation Tool?

On 11/7/20 2:58 PM, Loy wrote:
I would call 'Dell and get a Return Authorization Number before returning
it. I have found that Dell is very good in honoring their warenty.
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As my old pc has broken down all at a sudden, I bought a new Dell
desktop computer with

8GB ram

Intel 10 generation core i5

250G SSD and 1TB HDD

I found that my new computer will always run out of ram

I simply open a few apps like one firefox, several folders and a notepad ++

and my NVDA will soon became very unresponsive

According to resource monitor the physical袃ram is around 9x and virtual
ram is also 3xG

I have already manually increased the virtual ram, disabled possible
performance hindering default apps, etc, but the problem seemed not fixed.

Only today I have already manually forced turn off the computer because
of not responding nvda for 3 times or more, and this is only my third
day of using this new pc.

I feel really frustrated , do any one can give me any useful advice?



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