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Hamit Campos

Wow 6 seconds. Well can't comment as I don't know if the fact that the XPS has a regular 1TB drive for putting things away on the time gets eatn into or not. But it sure does load way way faster than 1 with just an HDD. On this note, the sleep thing. Does it do things to the SSD to put the XPS to sleep? I don't know some say the sleep thing is bad some say it's not there were some that even said outright shutting the PC off every time is bad. It corrupts a swop file or something. This true? How much should 1 care even if true?

On 10/21/2020 2:51 PM, Mike Capelle wrote:

For sure, when I got this Lenovo, it came with a 5400 RPM cigate drive, non ssd, it took 1 minute to boot, running 8gb of ram, i5 processsor, I installed this new ssd drive, and it boots in 6 seconds.


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On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 01:19 PM, Kenny Nead wrote:

I would just make sure, and get a solid state, I have both, and the Solid state is so much faster, starting up.

Or, if you can get a great deal on a machine with good specs but that comes with a large HDD standard, be prepared to upgrade to an SSD promptly as the main OS drive.

I just bought a 1TB Crucial BX500 drive for $82, so they're not expensive, and there are times if you can get "fire sale" prices on certain machines still sporting HDDs but having decent processors and memory that it ends up being cheaper to buy one and then have the upgrade to SSD done afterward.  And if we're talking a desktop PC, that means that original OS drive can still make a great internal backup drive and/or "overflow storage" for stuff you seldom use that you really don't need instantly at hand on the SSD.

The speed boost one gets from an SSD is every bit as significant as what one can get by upgrading RAM when it's inadequate, and boot times decrease dramatically.

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