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Hamit Campos

Yes I can now say the same. My new Dell XPS 8940 Special addition has an SSD. The cheepest special is the 1200$ 1. That's what I got. That's something else you didn't mention. What's the most you want to spend on this PC? HP has some $400 towers with core I5 8 GB ram and a 256 SSD perhaps you could get away with that? All though you now I do think about it did say something about audio editing. So that's something to think about too because now you must see how good the audio is on the thing. Unless you're going to get an interface. I use my Zoom H6. But will note I have been let down by the motherboard audio.

On 10/21/2020 1:19 PM, Kenny Nead wrote:
I would just make sure, and get a solid state, I have both, and the Solid state is so much faster, starting up.

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´╗┐Hello all,

I'm about to make my way bac kto a windows pc after 10 years using a mac. i would lto know how to go a bchosing the latest pc, [desktop] that will work with the latest jaws. I'll be using the pc for the web, online education needs, zoom and other video conferenceing, and for creating music scores. O, and audio editing.

I want something that will be fast and work well that will last for a long time, or be upgradable in the years to come.

How do I go a bchosing a pc that will work? I also have to buy online because of covid restrictions in my area.

Thank you for your help.


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