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Your right on that one. If it says 20.04 those steps work like a charm.
but if you have 20h2 it real tricky getting into that list.

On 10/20/2020 4:32 PM, Don H wrote:
I have the Edge from the latest 20h2 of win 10 and there is no tab called categories as you have described.
On 10/20/2020 3:04 PM, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Don.
1. Start Microsoft Edge. 2. Press ALT plus F, followed by S for
Settings. 3. TAB once to Categories. 4. Arrow down to Start up, and
press ENTER. 5. TAB to Add New Page, and press ENTER. 6. In the
edit box that appears, type the URL for your home page.
That's it.
Bill White
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[win10] MS Edge
How do you set the home page for the latest version of MS Edge.

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