Re: Debug Log File Found on My Desktop

David Goldfield

While I personally have not experienced this I have heard of Microsoft Edge leaving a debug file on the desktop in certain cases. One incident, which I read about on the Microsoft Answers forums, involved Edge doing this when opening a PDF file but this was supposedly addressed in the current build. In another case a user reported a similar problem on the JAWS Screen Reader group on Facebook. He reports that Edge does this when accessing the Facebook mobile site I am not able to duplicate this although I don't use Edge to open PDF files.

David Goldfield,
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On 10/18/2020 4:07 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi All,
I found a Log file on my Win10 Pro 2004 ... .572 desktop a few days ago and the contents are below.
[1015/] Settings version is not 5
Does anyone know what this log file means, or is referring to?  I tried doing a search and came up empty.  The properties stated it was dated October 15, just a day or 2 after installing cumulative + other updates.  Now I'm wondering if this could've been part of my Windows Security icon issues.
All input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.
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