Re: What's the biggest M.2 SSD that I can get for my Asus Zenbook laptop?


On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 09:07 AM, valiant8086 wrote:
I haven't failed a single ssd yet
Just as a data point to the readership, I had both Mushkin 1TB SSDs (I exchanged for the first one that failed, thinking it had to be a fluke) fail on me after less than 5 days of use, each.

I will admit that this is not characteristic of SSDs as a class, but there it is.  And when they go, they're gone.  They are also much harder, and more expensive, to recover data from as well.  As one of the techs who does data recovery for his living on another forum I haunt said of SSDs, "And less likely recoverable should they fail."

So the upshot here is, like it always is:  backup, backup, backup!!

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