Re: What's the biggest M.2 SSD that I can get for my Asus Zenbook laptop?



Knock on wood (ouch my head), I haven't failed a single ssd yet, but I have failed an hdd though granted it was a Maxtor Diamond so yeah why not.

For Hitachi, I can attest to their reliability, I have one that hasn't been necessarily gently used, is a 1 tb 7200 rpm travelstar 2.5 inch. I originally used it for the OS drive on a bearbones build of a nettop or, if you will, htpc style desktop machine, but it used an Atom d2550 board. I gave it 4 gb of ram, but it ran Windows 10 for part of the time and I imagine the swap file may have given the hitachi a bit of a workout. Later I bought an intel NUC and sold the original nettop after installing a small ssd in it. That machine is still in active use today as more or less a file server, with a really big external hdd plugged into one of its USB 3 ports.

The NUC I bought was a 6th gen tall version, meaning it had space for my Hitachi. I installed it to use as data storage, with the OS running off of the internal 128 gb m.2 ssd.

At about the 10 month mark we got a really vicious electrical storm that saw a lightning strike hit something important, killing power for a couple of days and telephone for a little over a week. A neighbor's electric box exploded, the local telephone box got completely gutted and they actually never did get it back to completely normal, my dsl uploads slower than it did which wasn't good anyway. It didn't smoke anything in our house, but my dsl modem failed and my Intel NUC also failed, as did a Peavey PV6 mixing board that was plugged via USB into the NUC. Our garage door opener of all things failed, so did a coffee maker.

Anyway, I was able to get the NUC replaced, and come to find out that it had a BIOS update that fixed a known issue allowing voltage spikes to ruin the board because the IVR circuit was incorrectly handled or something like that. Well I just pulled out the Hitachi and waited for the new nuc to come. I hoped that Hitachi would still work. Got the new NUC and installed the hitachi in it and it still worked pretty as you please.

The really sad part is that it's nearly full, only about 40 gb free, so that increases its workload some. I recently checked it with Crystal Disk Info and it is nearing the 60,000 hour runtime mark. At this point I'm rather amazed. It's starting to look like I might end up switching away do to storage constraints rather than failure.

So saying, Go Hitachi if you have a choice and you're after an hdd. This one has been in 3 computers one of which got killed by an Electrical strike and is still working at peak efficiency. It runs non stop all day every day and the total runtime in hours can litterally be divided by 24 and get you very close to the number of days it has been since I bought it. I'm so proud of that thing, can you tell? lol

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On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 01:11 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I would recommend if you can, get a 1tb ssd drive.
Which, by pure coincidence, is what I just did.  I had a failing keyboard on my laptop so since I knew I needed to tear it down completely to replace that I got rid of the 2TB HDD, which was well under half way full (and will now become another backup drive once I get an enclosure), and put in a Mushkin 1TB SSD at the same time.  Even a 2TB SSD is within reason price-wise for a lot of people.

I will say, though, for anyone using an SSD that the importance of having backups goes up, way up.  It's not that SSDs are any more failure-prone than HDDs, but if they do fail and you have no backup the current rates for data recovery from an SSD makes HDD data recovery look dirt cheap by comparison.  And HDD recovery isn't dirt cheap to start with.

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