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And the t480 and t480s machines are easy to work on. I could do it no problem. If you're wanting to increase your storage but don't have the ability to do it, someone you know could probably do it in a few minutes, and it wouldn't cost much time to have it done at worst buy or something. The main thing is will you clone the existing ssd to the new one or just install Win10 fresh from scratch, which is doable with this system by yourself if you're adventurous.

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On 10/2/2020 1:02 AM, tim wrote:
I got that very same system.
Your  around the same in size as mine. What most forget is the swap and page files that are in the background. They can take 10GB or more easy. Lets not forget 1 drive, states zero, but windows holds the amount you have as used by system. All virtual drives do this.
Now if your looking to replace the drive in it look in devicemanager for the type of drive.
The one in mine is a M.2 NVME 256GB 22/80. The 22/80 is the physical size of the drive. They come in 3 sizes.
I will be fitting it out with either a 1 or 2tb drive.

On 9/30/2020 8:49 PM, wrote:
Windows 10 version 2004

Jaws for Windows 2020

Lenobo T480



I recently purchased this refurbished laptop from . It is a lightweight, thin computer with an excellent keyboard. With 16GB of RAM, it is also quite snappy and responsive with Jaws and NVDA.

Since I received the computer, I have only downloaded copies of NVDA and Jaws. Otherwise, the computer came pre-installed with Microsoft Office. It does probably have a bunch of Lenovo software as well but it does not appear to have any pre-installed utilities like Norton.

Here’s my question, when I go to Windows Explorer and check the properties of the C drive, it tells me that 45GB of storage has already been used. It is my understanding that Windows 10 takes roughly 15-20GB and Microsoft Office takes another 5-10GB of storage. Does that sound about right? What else could be taking up so much storage? I would like to recover some of that storage. Does anybody have any suggestions for what to do next? I’ve tried a number of Google searches but cannot get to the bottom of this. Any help is appreciated.


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