Re: more questions about upgrading.



You should let Vantage handle it. Between it and Windows update you should be golden. A recent update form Windows Update caused my Thinkpad T480s to run hot all the time and only get about 3 hours on battery. I reinstalled windows fresh and that solved it for about 3 weeks until windows update broke it again, having never installed vantage in the first place, so then I knew to blame windows update not vantage. So about 3 weeks of putting up with it, I gave up and installed vantage and checked for updates and it got some, solving the problem. it runs almost uncomfortably cold now and gets about 8 hours on battery active use.

That isn't to say don't let windows update do its thing, just my own experience and I won't be stopping windows update from doing its thing at this point.

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On 10/15/2020 11:12 PM, Mike Capelle wrote:

Hello, my Lenovo has drivers for my devices for win 10 2004 directly on there site, so, if I upgrade, wont vantage pick them up, and install them? Or should I manually downlload all of them, and install them? Or will they be installed when I do the upgrade?

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