Re: Upgrading my windows 10 from 1909 to the newest version

Jason White

While Brian is correct (to the best of my knowledge), there may be other strong reasons to install firmware updates. For example, my Lenovo laptop has Intel Management Engine firmware installed. As I recall, there have been security issues with it in the past which could be remotely exploited.


I haven’t set up the Intel Management Engine, but it is interesting in that it allows someone to access the machine remotely even when there is no working operating system. It’s ideal for technical support, but also comes with potential security risks, as does similar firmware from other vendors.


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I posted this as an Admin Notice when Version 2004 was just being released.  But it is, at least until Microsoft changes something, applicable until further notice.

A "Public Service Announcement" Regarding Windows 10 Feature Updates & How They Work

It is a very, very, very rare instance when you need to do either a BIOS/UEFI update or Driver update for a Feature Update to apply.  It's not that it absolutely never happens, but it's so seldom as to not be worth considering routinely.


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