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David Goldfield

Immigrant, I feel that I need to comment on one thing that you wrote in the message that I'm replying to. You wrote:

>>and I, especially considering my total blindness, do not attempt to change font or text attributes.

First, I have absolutely no problem with your choice to use Notepad for the tasks you wish to use it for. However, your statement implies that total blindness is a barrier when it comes to altering font characteristics or text attributes. It may well be that making such changes isn't something that you are personally comfortable doing. That's fine. However, lack of vision does not preclude a person from making such changes. Commands to perform these tasks can be done using keyboard shortcuts and today's screen readers have different ways of alerting the user to such information, such as pressing insert-F for both JAWS and NVDA to have the font and format information for the selected text spoken. Again, I am not judging you if these are things you're not comfortable doing. I'm only saying that being totally blind has nothing to do with whether or not these tasks can be successfully performed and completed.

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On 9/23/2020 9:31 PM, Immigrant via wrote:

I am not saying there are no differences between those programs. I am saying that for my needs, the feature set of Notepad is adequate. When I save a text document - a recipe, a computer tip, a phone number, even a book, I am not playing with text attributes, fonts, and other features which are no doubt useful for other people and in other circumstances. But my documents are created for personal use and perhaps for sharing in groups, and I, especially considering my total blindness, do not attempt to change font or text attributes.


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There is a big difference in Notepad vs WordPad.


Notepad is an ASCII plain text editor without the ability to use any text attributes, such as bold, italic, underlined text or fonts.

WordPad is a basic word processing application that allows for different text attributes and more.

While WordPad does not come anywhere close to the abilities offered in a full featured word processing application like Microsoft Word, WordPad has so much more to offer than what Notepad can do.


- Brad -


On Sep 23, 2020, at 19:48, Immigrant via <immigrant328@...> wrote:


I personally don't use WordPad, as plain text fits my needs as a document format. I checked the menu only to verify that RTF is still there as an option. If I save a recipe, or a piece of information, or something else in that same realm, I don't see what it is that Word or WordPad would offer that Notepad doesn't. But I don't open Notepad with a blank document. I open Documents in my personal folder, navigate to the folder, if any, where the document will be saved, and then the "New Item" comes into play. I choose "text document", give it a name, enter into it and write or paste whatever I need. Then I save the document, and I know it is saved in the folder where I was working. I am still working in the Notepad environment, but I trigger Notepad by creating a blank text document from within folder structure, rather than launching the program and then trying to figure out where the file has landed. Sure, it was a few keystrokes shorter in previous versions of Windows - Alt F for file, W for new, T for text file, and I was ready to go. But Windows 10 changed it, so I am doing it the Windows 10 way.


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I still do not understand the absolute tenacity with which individuals will stick with "the way I always used" when it becomes obvious that it's no longer working, is unlikely to be easy to restore, and an alternative method is available.   I have had to dump "my personally preferred method" many times over the years, and this is coming from someone who's a tech geek and has tried at times to do under the hood digging to avoid that.

How is using the New Item menu, which simply opens WordPad with an empty document of its default type, any easier than creating a desktop shortcut for WordPad with a keyboard shortcut associated with it, and setting WordPad's default save type to RTF?   It took me less than 3 minutes to create a desktop shortcut for WordPad and associate CTRL+ALT+W with it as the keyboard shortcut to fire it up.  I had set the default save type to RTF this afternoon when playing earlier.  Compare that to the amount of time I spent trying the registry hacks and the C:\Windows\ShellNew folder both separately and in conjunction and getting no useful result.  And I do not suggest registry edits to virtually anyone as they are a fraught proposition.

Sometimes it's far easier to learn a new way, and adopt it.

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