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David Goldfield

Out of curiosity have you checked to see if this problem occurs when logging onto other user profiles? To add to that have you created a new user profile to see if the search box appears as expected? I recently was wrestling with a problem that I was having which, admittedly, had nothing to do with the issues you're experiencing. The problem made no sense and all logical solutions that I attempted did nothing to fix it. I eventually realized that the problem was not occurring in other user profiles. Rather than investing a lot more time to address an odd issue which I was only seeing in my user profile I ensured that important documents and user data was backed up, created a fresh user account, restored my files and I'm now a happy camper.

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On 9/18/2020 12:03 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Alright, ran sfc and change in search behaviour at all.

I think cortana is not running somehow and possibly some other processes

I checked the services.msc and search does appear to be enabled, but shouldn’t there be something called search UI? That doesn’t appear to be in the list of running windows processes.



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      You've just done the first step, which is often not done, that's at the start of  Britechguy’s Standard Advice Regarding Windows 10 Issues and Their Repair.


The next would be using SFC/DISM, followed by a repair install.  I doubt you're every going to reach "the thermonuclear option" which would be a completely clean reinstall.

       I will get back on my soapbox about taking system image backups.  If you were unable to get anything to work its magic prior to having to do a completely clean reinstall, you'd have a fully functioning Windows 10 you could restore and then update again.  

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