Re: How to Stop the Alt-Tab Key From Reading Row and Column Information When Switching From One Window To Another


On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 08:59 AM, David Goldfield wrote:

I thought that changing the theme to a classic theme used to correct this but I can't find such an option in Windows 10.

While I realize you already solved this issue via a setting change in NVDA, whether through a profile trigger or otherwise, you are right that there's a setting that will prevent this behavior by reverting the tab switcher to the Windows XP variant. For those with slower computers or where UIA happens to be a little unresponsive, this is truly a useful tweak as it doesn't make your computer feel slow when switching among windows.

There's the temporary way of doing this—holing the Left-alt key, tapping and releasing the Right-alt key, and pressing Tab a number of times until you find the window you want. There's also a registry tweak which is explained in this Winaero article which makes the behavior permanent for a user profile. The article says that there are visual changes as well, so it depends on you which solution you wish to use, but I avoid UIA whenever possible so have the registry tweak applied and never looked back.


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