in search of a program to merge very large videos

Sarah k Alawami

As photos cannot open at least for me videos more than 3.58 gigs in length, (I get an error about not the right properties) I thought I'd try and find a program that can join my 4 gig videos. I can upload the archive in two parts, but I really don't want to do that. Is there a program I could use to do this then convert of necessary? I tried free make , but I don't want the free make logo, I wanted to speed up the conversion, and for that I have to buy the darned thing, and there are some unlabeled buttons that kind of hinder my progress. I did google but so far all I have found does not work such as a free video joiner that is accessible until you add a video. Then it is not as the list never appears to move vids up or down.

By the way I already submitted feedback about this and googling reveals that it was a windows update back in may that broke photos. I'm thinking this might have somethingn to do with 32 bit but I'm running the 64 bit version of windows.

Take care all.


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