Re: Moving between Worksheets within a Workbook in Excel


That simply means to use the page up and page down key on your 6-pack of keys in between the numeric keys and the main part of the keyboard. Of course only full-size keyboards have this, this would be above the inverted T cursor keys and there would be 2 rows of 3 keys:


Top Left = Insert

Bottom Left = Delete

Middle top = Home

Middle bottom = End

Top right = Page up

Bottom right = Page down


I hope I didn't mix up the home/end and page up/down keys with respect to what is in the middle and on the right side, but you can just try it if you have these keys.

For me using Jaws Control + Page Up and Page Down using the numeric pad works.


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Hi guys,


I’m using excel 2016 and I am trying to use the command ctrl+page down to goto the next sheet but without success. Now I just check the jaws excel command and found this command which I’m not sure what exactly memeans the words ‘extended page up/down’.

The command is:


control + ExtendedPageDown


can someone help me please?





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