Re: Moving between Worksheets within a Workbook in Excel


Control + Page Up and Control + Page Down does not move between work books, it moves between work sheets inside of a workbook.

Sorry if I'm picky here, but a work book is basically an Excel file and it can contain many sheets or work sheets.

As Alan pointed out, if you are on the very first work sheet you can use Control + Page Down to move to the next one and press that shortcut again to move to the one after that etc. Control + Page Up goes back to the previous work sheet.

If you have a lot you can also use Shift + Control + S which I believe is a Jaws commend and all your worksheets are shown in a list view and you can use the arrows or home and end to move in that list or also first leeter navigation.

You can also press F6 from any of the sheets and this moves you to the title of that work sheet which is what a sighted user sees across the bottom of the page. You can then move left or right with the arrows to different sheets or you can press Shift + F10 or the application key if you have one to bring up a menu which has options to rename the work sheet, delete it, move it, insert a new one etc.

If you want to go back into your work sheet after you move to its tab or title with F6 just press enter or tab.


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George made a good suggestion, however if I’m in excel and have many workbooks, Ctrl page up or ctrl page down goes forward or backward one work book at a time.

Just a FYI




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Dear frind,


Many thanks for your wonderful tip, you made my day. Thank you very much


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first of all you want to go to the next sheet not the next page.


So, you need to do a control shift s  this brings up a dialog box with a list of sheets in hyour excel workbook.


Then you can arrow to the sheet you wish to go to and hit enter


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Hi guys,


I’m using excel 2016 and I am trying to use the command ctrl+page down to goto the next sheet but without success. Now I just check the jaws excel command and found this command which I’m not sure what exactly memeans the words ‘extended page up/down’.

The command is:


control + ExtendedPageDown


can someone help me please?





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