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David Goldfield

>David is correct about the latest version of Thunderbird.


I'm not certain that I'm correct regarding some of the status messages no longer being announced. While I think that the problem may have been improved in V78.2.1 I did hear one announcement just a few minutes ago.

On 9/7/2020 10:25 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
David is correct about the latest version of Thunderbird.

But at the moment the folks at Thunderbird are doing something I've never seen them do before - holding off on updating everyone to Version 78.  I had version 68 until the other day when I forced a manual update to 78.  If you did a "check for updates" in Version 68 it would tell you it's up to date.  I'm sure that Avast is using whatever mechanism it has with Mozilla to check latest version, and it's probably still telling it that 68 is the latest version.

If you want 78 now then go to the Thunderbird download page and get it yourself.  Otherwise, it eventually should update, but who knows when?

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