Re: Help with one drive and files only being off line.

Alan Robbins

Good explanation, thank you I had the same question.
One additional somewhat related question, if you choose this option how are your files in one drive backed up?

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1. Locate the OneDrive folder in File Explorer.
2. Press shift+F10 to bring up the context menu.
3. Arrow down to Free Up space and press enter.


1. Press winkey+I for Settings.
2. Navigate to System:Storage:Configure Storage Sense or Run it Now.
3. Activate that link and tab through the different settings.

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Hi all, I have googled around but get all sorts of different answers
and none of them seem to help. I should know how to do this. but
anyway using windows10 64bit 2004 pro on the machine I want to use. so
I want to be able to see all my files and not have them stored or downloaded to the local machine unless I click on the file and it starts to download. it is a little pocket computer it has only a 128GB SSD so as You can see need to keep as much space as I can can someone help? as I say I should know how to get this to work but anyway brain fog sorry folks help please.

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