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Sugar Lopez


Ok. I have it set to go to my documents, and in my Potnce folder.

But I’ll go look in video




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Hello; with Pontes Downloader, tab trough and find where you can select which folderthe download goes to; by default it may be Videos but you can select a different one, like Downloads or Music; then keep tabbing until you find the drop-down box of formats to convert to, like mp3; then hit the Download button and it should tell you when it's done.  But be sure to put the YouTube stuff in a folder where you want it, like Music for instance.  HTH



On 8/20/2020 4:24 PM, Sugar Lopez wrote:

Hi all

I am having a issue with Pontce.

I download the youtube successfully, but then I can’t find it.

It’s not located in the Pontce folder, not in my downloads

And so whee else could it go?




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