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On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 04:56 PM, Kevin Cussick wrote:
have You tried with any screen reader?
Yes, NVDA.  System Ninja Opens to the Scan for Junk tab, which is what I presume most will be using.   When it opens NVDA starts to read the Window title, "System Ninja," but stops after System and says unknown.  I can then tab to the Scan for Junk button, which is announced, or beyond it to the checkboxes for the things you can scan for.  What is odd, in the latest version, is NVDA does not declare the checkbox a checkbox nor read out its state, but it does give you the label on said checkbox.  I don't know why that is.  The same thing is true after you activate the Scan for Junk button, and the checklist of drives is presented (C: is checked by default) with a continue button.  The button is announced, but the checkbox that's checked for C: is not, but I didn't attempt to tab around in that dialog, either, and the continue button has focus.

I use this utility myself with the "out of the box" checkboxes checked and just hit the Scan for Junk button, Continue button (since C: is my system drive, and I'd suppose what it's going to put first and the only thing checked will be the OS system drive), then after the scan is done the Scan for Junk button regains focus (it's a Cancel button while the scan is running).  If you want to review what it found you can SHIFT+TAB back to the status list and arrow down through the files list.  If you just want to nuke them, a single tab takes you to the Delete Files button.  After all are deleted, focus is thrown back to the checkbox list that starts with Temporary Files, where the checkboxes are not announced.

If someone knows of a 100% accessible utility of this sort then, by all means, that's what I'd use.  But System Ninja is sufficiently accessible that you can do a standard junk scan and delete with confidence.  

I haven't tried to see if BleachBit might be more accessible, but I dropped CCleaner back when it was purchased by Avast.

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