Re: Turning off the reader in chrome

Ann Byrne

Hi, Bill,

I have version 83.something or other of Google Chrome, and the reader is on the toolbar accessed by f6, then tab. When I press enter on it, the thing starts reading and I'm struggling to figure out how to stop it. I did finally manage, but it was after so many keystrokes I don't know which of my flailings did the trick. I am not aware of enabling an addon, but I suppose I might have. I am working my way through Dean martineau's book, "get Cracking with Google Chrome", and getting myself into all kinds of interesting situations.

At 08:11 PM 6/28/2020, you wrote:
Hi, Ann. I don't even find the reader in Google Chrome. Maybe it's the way I
set up Chrome. What website did you read, and how did you get to the Google
Chrome reader?

Bill White

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I found the reader on the Google Chrome toolbar, and the lady read
ok. However, I did not find a way to stop her, even after closing
Chrome, except in the task manager. I'm guessing there is an easier way?

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