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Jeff Christiansen

Hey sugar


Since you already tried using the JAWS cursor after you open the properties dialog, Insert+NumPadMinus.

Try using, Insert+B. not the preferred method but does read the information.



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Hi Bill

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Hi, Jerry. I am writing to you privately, off list. If you would like me to tandem into your computer using JAWS, please give me a call,




I'm sure I can figure out why you are not getting used and free space information from properties.



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Apparently there is something I am not doing correctly because I can go down to the properties of the folder, but there is nothing referring to the size of the folder. As something to try, after opening the properties dialogue, I used the jaws cursor, but it did not tell me what I needed to know. Thanks.




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You can find out the size of a folder (and by that I mean how much space all its contents are taking up) by opening the Properties dialog from the context menu for that folder.

In the General tab it will show Size and Contains, which will tell you how many straight files are in the folder as well as how many subfolders are in the folder.  That file count does NOT include the count of files contained in the subfolder(s), only those in the folder itself.  The Size figure, however, is the grand total.


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