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Sherry Wells

Thanks for this reminder Brian.  I have done this before on the mail screen.  I found full name & clicked it to sort.  All looked well until about halfway through my list the alphabet started over again.  So I have a group of names sorted alphabetically A – V then other names start again sorted A – V.  Very odd!  I didn’t count to see if the names were divided in half.  I checked a couple of them in case full name was somehow corrupted but it was not.  Sigh.  I’ll call Microsoft when I get a chance.  This is definitely not the worst computer problem in the world but is a mystery I’d like to solve.





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           Sort order is a thing of its own, and for contacts in Outlook behaves very similarly to File Explorer in that you need to gain focus on the column that you wish to sort on and activate that (it acts as a button).  Once activated, it will sort on that column, but I can't know if it will default to ascending or descending.  If the sort is "backwards" just activate the column header button again and the order will be reversed.

            For the vast majority of users, the column one wishes to sort on is the "File As" column

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