Re: Changing colors in a Word Document


Hi Leslie,

Select all by pressing Ctrl + A and then follow the below steps to change color of all the font in the document
Alt + H,F,C is the way to change the Font Color then the arrow down to choose among the colors.
Once you're inside Font Color box pressing A gives automatic color which by default is Black

Hope this helps


On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 11:30 PM Leslie Fairall <fairall@...> wrote:
The subject summarizes the question. I'm copying and pasting definitions
from my textbook publisher. I didn't have any problem changing the font
size from 15 to 8. However, when I hit the automatic button, the color
continues to remain gray. I'm just looking for the normal colors. I
believe they are white on black. Can anyone help?

Leslie Fairall

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