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Ah, I've never heard of or seen that option. Tha tmust be new. I have not actually ben logged into my control pannel for zoom in a while. Maybe that's what your professor did?

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On 2 Apr 2020, at 19:46, David Chittenden wrote:

When I create a Zoom meeting, I can choose everyone can join, or only Zoom subscribers can join. When it is the latter, each participant must sign in to their Zoom account to join.

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I’ve been to lots of Zoom meetings & this was the first to require a sign in.  It’s a class so I thought he might just want all of our emails.  He told us, though, that he did it as he read that it is now getting popular for idiots to “Zoom bomb” meetings & display porn.  I don’t use video but guess people in the meeting are visible so would be displaying this instead of their faces.  I had not heard of this but suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise with all the idiots running around.  Most of the Zoom meetings I have been to are all blind people so if someone was displaying porn, it would be lost on us & the idiot would be disappointed at the lack of a reaction!


Sherry Wells


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I’ve just encountered a similar problem as a Zoom novice. The easy solution is to ask the host not to require a password. I’m told that the person who starts a Zoom meeting has a default option of requiring a password. The default can be undone. Making this request led to a solution of my Zoom problem.


However, my Google/Gmail problem has so far gone unsolved. I do know what my password used to be, but Google is no longer accepting it. so I had to go through the reset password process. This led me to a CATCHA nightmare and a requirement that I give my phone number in order to accept a texted temporary password. As I say, problem yet to be solved.


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Yes, this is the first Zoom meeting I have attended that required a sign in & password.  Since he sent us a password, I assumed that is what Zoom wanted instead of my gmail password.  Yes, I do want to reset it but would like to just do it from Outlook somewhere.


Sherry Wells


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I'm not going to speak to anything Gmail in relation to Zoom, even though I use Gmail and know it extremely well, because the sequence of events here is important..  If you don't know your Gmail password you should reset it anyway, and make sure to keep a record of it.  Also, as part of the reset process, give Google either an alternate email or a cell phone number that can be used to verify you should you somehow get locked out of your account

That being said, the vast majority of Zoom meetings do not require login of any kind.  The organizers should send out a direct link or the meeting number, which can be used in the Zoom App to go straight in to a given meeting.


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