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Sherry Wells

The person who set up this class is definitely new to Zoom & not very technical.  I think having the meeting id & a class password is sufficient also.  Of course had I not been stupid enough to record my gmail password incorrectly, I wouldn’t have started this thread. 


Sherry Wells

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On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 07:00 PM, Sherry Wells wrote:

You sign in with your email & password then are asked for the class password.

Seriously, this is not generally needed.   You definitely can sign in to Zoom itself, but most meetings don't require you to be logged in to Zoom itself, at least if the meeting organizer doesn't require it.

I'm not doubting you've needed to do it, but you need to talk to your meeting organizer(s), if these meetings are going to be ongoing, to see if they know how to set up a meeting where they assign a meeting password, but the Zoom User needs nothing more than that.

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