Mysterious "blocked shutdowns "

JM Casey

Hey folks.


I’m running Windows 10, 1809 18363.720. The other night I was experiencing problems connecting my old samsung phone to the desktop, which has been happening on and off lately – it seems to keep updating the drivers and then working again for a while, but screwing up again at a later time. Anyway, I ended up doing a windows update that night, and the phone thing now works. I don’t actually know if it’s related, though, but ever since then, when I go to shut down the system, I get the “blocked shutdown message”, even when no windows are open. It does not actaully say which programme is blocking the shutdown, though it seems like a name should be there – when there are no windows open it just looks like a blank list view to me. So, I’m guessing it is a background process somewhere. Anyone have any tips on how I can figure out what it is? I also installed dropbox software that night, but I disabled it from running in background and it’s now not in system tray, so I don’t think it’s that. I have macrium reflect cloning software running in background and it keeps popping up a dialogue every so often with a ‘close” button … but I can’t actually read the dialogue using JAWS 2018, so I don’t know what it says. This software was installed by the person who built my machine and last summer installed an SSD and put everything in a nice new roomy case, but as it’s pretty inaccessible I’m thinking of  just uninstalling it. It’s never caused any problems before though.

Any ideas?



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