Re: AMD Radeon Drivers Issue


What I have found really frustrating in the age of Windows 10, which everyone knows is more sensitive to drivers being up to date than ever, is that either the hardware manufacturers are not providing their updates to computer OEMs and Microsoft for inclusion in their respective libraries, or they are providing them in a timely manner, and the OEMs and Microsoft just let them sit there.

For certain things on my machine, namely the AMD graphics and Intel WiFi/Bluetooth, I have learned that I am much better off installing the driver monitor-updater from their respective manufacturers than depending on either Microsoft or HP (in my case) to have the latest for those.   For other things HP and Microsoft do, which is what leads me to suspect it's that AMD and Intel are not supplying updates to computer OEMs and Microsoft in a timely manner.   It used to be that I could go for years. literally, without driver updates for a very great many things.  Now, Intel keeps churning out driver updates for my WiFi card at a dizzying speed and AMD, though not quite as fast, still releases them far more often than I had ever been accustomed to in the past.  That's why I like the monitor-updater utilities, they have a small footprint and keep me up to date even if I have to choose when to install.  Otherwise I'd never keep up with these in a timely manner, and many driver updates these days have security patches associated with them, so you need to.

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