Re: Feedback Hub Link: Lack of Keyboard Shortcuts for Read Aloud Controls #w10pc

Sarah k Alawami

No worries. I have the link saved on a network drive. I'm scheduled to do a flight tomorrow, I hope, if my body does not say no. So while I'm in the air for 3 hours I can def take the time to read over the feedback and submit and or upvote.

Blessings and have a happy Thursday.

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On 26 Mar 2020, at 8:55, Brian Vogel wrote:


            It makes perfect sense that Windows 10 Feedback occur under Windows 10, using the built-in mechanism to provide it.   If OSX has a parallel mechanism I wouldn't dream that it would be able to be accessed under Windows 10.   There are things that are sui generis for very good reason.

            If you can get on Windows 10, whether real or virtual on the Mac, then do, please, add whatever you feel appropriate to that feedback on the Feedback Hub.

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