Re: my laptop with the Windows 10 updating problem


One more thing to consider. Is your bios up to date?

On 2/14/2020 4:19 PM, meadowlark226@... wrote:
Hello everyone,

   Well, I'll tell you what's happened with my laptop who wouldn't update to Windows 10 1909. My geeky friend has had that thing since Monday and ran into the same problem as I did. It would go so far and it would do what would happen to me. I had no spyware, no adware, no viruses. He didn't want to have to just wipe the whole thing clean and start over, unless he talked to me first, so he went to Microsoft twice. Microsoft told him twice what to do to write things in and all of that, what files to delete to write in and what to take off and so on, and still no go. It still didn't work. I guess what we've decided to do is to wipe the drive clean, buy me the Windows 10 disk and start all over again. Luckily, I'd taken all off that laptop that I wanted. He said that because my laptop had been a refurbished laptop to begin with, and I'd gotten it in 2014, not knowing how old it was to begin with, it is highly possible that the CPU might not be able to handle the 1909 update. It might be the culprit. But he believes there is a program on there blocking updates and it's called "Save Updates", and the way it seems to work is that once it sees an update and if it has updated it and thinks things are updated, it won't try and update again. I don't even know what that came with or where it came from. I don't remember installing a program like that. This laptop has been a very good computer.

   Anyway, folks, that's what is happening now. It was not in Tablet mode, but in the process of trying to update itself, things got turned off in the icons that shouldn't have, and that's why setting were messed up, too.

   So, I'll let you know what happens in a day or two.

Take care,



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