Re: Important notice from head list representative: Yahoo! Groups transfer process for thousands of groups will impact various forums on Groups.IO #groupsio


Hi Joseph,

The referenced message I saw from Yahoo did not state that they were
closing down the groups. It only stated that they would stop certain
features of YahooGroups itself but that messages would still be able
to be sent, etc.

There was a knee jerk response to the subject of the message by those
who panicked but if one read the actual message one would have
understood that they were not announcing the closure of YahooGroups at
all. whether they decide to close YahooGroups altogether in the future
is not known at this time.


On 10/20/19, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,

A few days ago Yahoo! Announced that they are shutting down Yahoo! Groups
December 2019. As a result, admins of many groups hosted there are
to Groups.IO. Hence, this process will impact various forums on Groups.IO.

Although it won't affect many of us, I still think it is best to assist
blind admins as they transfer to Groups.IO. Hence, as a former Yahoo!
owner myself, I would like to request that you help any blind group owner
they join Groups.IO (and for some, this forum cluster). Also, if you know
any members on Yahoo! Groups that deals with Windows 10 and screen readers,
please do invite them to join us.



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