How to Log in as an Administrator?


From the subject, this would look like a newbie question, and maybe it is. However, let me try and explain it bbetter.
I always thought I was logged in as an administrator, specially because this is the only account on my system as far as I know.
Well, turns out I'm not, at least apparently. I was just trying to run the Command Prompt and was surprised to see the message telling me that I needed to be an administrator running an instance of the prompt to execute X command.
I know how to run it as an administrator from the Run dialog but was just wondering whether it's possible to have all of the programs or processes executed as administrator. I can't remember ever having to deal with it on my old Win 7 Desktop so there must be something I'm missing.

Thanks a lot.

Marcio AKA Starboy

Sent from a galaxy far, far away.

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