Re: Request for community help: please help convince Earthlink to minimize Groups.IO domain blacklisting in the future #groupsio


Hi Brian, I don't mean to disagree with you and Joseph or for that
matter, defend the actions of these large companies and their
practices. I only ment to point out this may be fixable from the side of the fence. DMARC standards have been adopted because
of their ability to eliminate "spoofing' and other fraud perpetrated
by spammers to send, what looks like legitimate email, but in
actuality is just some type of scam or spam. has accurately
posted the SPF record and DKIM key pairs, but there's no DMARC record
on file. Without a DMARC record explaining their mailing systems
explicitly, they are considered out of alignment. The
webmasters could create this .txt record and apply it to the DNS
record to show these hyper-active spam filters that all mail
is legitimate and should be passed through. Creating a DMARC record is
not too difficult, especially since a blind guy on a tech list has
done it dozens of times, lol. Anyway, without knowing the details of
how their servers are set up I can only speculate as to the reasons
why they don't give this a try. It I know some folks on the list have
had success twisting arms and getting some companies to do the right
thing, but I've never had any myself, so I thought I'd throw in an
alternate suggestion on how to stop this from happening. Hope this
message doesn't sound like I'm trying to undermind your efforts, that
isn't my intention.


On 3/3/19, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Regardless of the behind the scenes checking mechanisms, e-mail service
providers routinely override these via whitelisting. cannot generate spam, period. You can and do only get messages
from anything ending in if you subscribe to it.

In the final analysis, if end users of an e-mail service provider don't
start screaming bloody murder when this keeps happening, again and again, it
will not be fixed. I know that ownership has had multiple
discussions over time with a number of e-mail service providers about this.
Those that were responsive and did their homework whitelisted anything
ending in ages ago. Those that have not been, and some of them
are major providers, will not respond until or unless enough of their
customers raise a stink about this situation recurring. The customers are
going to have to be the squeaky wheels.

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