Re: Request for community help: please help convince Earthlink to minimize Groups.IO domain blacklisting in the future #groupsio

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Regardless of the behind the scenes checking mechanisms, e-mail service providers routinely override these via whitelisting. cannot generate spam, period.  You can and do only get messages from anything ending in if you subscribe to it.

In the final analysis, if end users of an e-mail service provider don't start screaming bloody murder when this keeps happening, again and again, it will not be fixed.  I know that ownership has had multiple discussions over time with a number of e-mail service providers about this.  Those that were responsive and did their homework whitelisted anything ending in ages ago.   Those that have not been, and some of them are major providers, will not respond until or unless enough of their customers raise a stink about this situation recurring.  The customers are going to have to be the squeaky wheels.

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