Request for community help: please help convince Earthlink to minimize Groups.IO domain blacklisting in the future #groupsio


Hi everyone,


Below is an email I received from Brian V regarding Earthlink issue a member of this forum cluster is having. Please follow what Brian is saying below and help convince Earthlink to minimize Groups.IO domain blacklisting in the future:


          Earthlink issues have been under hot and heavy discussion on the Group Manager's Forum in topic:  

Help: Earthlink now bouncing emails sent to *me* from groups I own


           These are just that, Earthlink issues, and one of the most recent offerings pretty much sums it up:


Tell them to visit the link below and follow directions found there. The IP address for mail server is

They can also complain to Earthlink about non-spam mail from a MAILING LIST SERVICE like being blocked. They don't block Yahoo or GoogleGroups, so why The info for doing that can be found here...

I suggest initiating both a live chat and a phone call. If enough do that it will get their attention. They need to point out that is a reputable and legitimate subscription mailing list service that requires subscribers to verify their intent to subscribe by verifying their email addresses... after which the messages from various interest groups hosted by are solicited and are NOT spam. As Shal said, " should be whitelisted as a legit email service."

Having worked the abuse desk for a small local ISP quite some years ago, I'm aghast at the careless blocking practices being employed these days... and Gmail isn't the solution.


Users are going to have to take on a more active role in this, particularly in complaining to their providers about blocking known e-mail list services that can send messages to anyone if and only if they have subscribed to get them. needs to be whitelisted and the more customers that complain to their e-mail service providers about this the faster it will happen.




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