Re: FireFox or Chrome! Which one is more accessible at this time and which one could replace IE for me once and for all

Marisane Moruthanyana

Evening gentlemen and ladies

I trust that this email finds you well.

1. How does one access notification alerts in fire fox like in IE11 with alt+n?

2. How does one prevent fire fox self-update?

I'm saying this because fire fox has just updated itself from 52 to 60
and the latter is very inaccessible with jaws16 or jaws18 and even
with nvda 2018.2.1.

Your assistance is appreciated in advance.


On 9/12/18, James Robinson <> wrote:

I have been using IE for years and would like to keep it as my default
browser forever; however, more and more, when I am on a site, particularly
credit card sites, I get a message about using modern browsers and other
negative messages about IE and encouraging me to switch to Chrome or Fire
Fox. I am going to start using FireFox or Chrome from now on. The only
thing now I want to know is which one has the easier learning prospects for
me. I am tired of waiting on Microsoft to get Edge up to snuff for us and
will not use it until Microsoft says it is totally accessible for us. I
already have chrome and FireFox on my system, but maybe I should read up on
both of them before making either of them my default browser. I hope
someone will respond to this message and get me started on a good browser
use. If someone have some good tutorials on chrome or Firefox, I would
appreciate knowing about them or having links to them.

James Robinson

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