Re: Problems with one drive.

Alan Robbins


As far as I am aware, nothing is sent to one drive automatically. It may be possible to set this up somehow but don't believe anything goes there automatically. Hopefully someone on list will clarify if I'm incorrect


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Thank you sir, but how does it work? does it automatically takes back up of all files pertaining to MS office like word, ppts, excel work sheets etc or do I need to copy paste or send them to the drive as we do in dropbox?
I need to know it as I use a limited data plan for my internet and afraid whether it might use my data in large...

On 2/24/16, T. Civitello <> wrote:
How do you get rid of it? Just delete it? Tom

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It is part of your ms account.
you can actually remove it from startup if you don't want it.
If you login with an ms account you will get 15gb and its all
intigrated to your os.
However unless you use office, pay for office 365, or need to do
business on the go you don't need it.
Everyone has one drive installed.
But if you don't need it it can be got rid of.

On 24/02/2016 1:43 a.m., sampath raj rao wrote:
Hi, what is one drive? I too find it in my win 10 machine. Do I need
an MS account for using it?

On 2/22/16, Kevin Cussick via
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Hi all, I installed Sophos Home last week maybe Friday, anyway
suddenly one drive says one drive processing changes, it never says
one drive up to date, it used to in the system tray, I stopped the
AV program Sophos Home from running closed one drive and started it
again same result on the machine threw the bedroom it is the same
machine exactly as this one in the living room, I don't have this
problem, I have signed out of one drive and then signed back in but
nothing any ideas I might take it back using window's restore but don't
really like using this program, any ideas would be good thanking you
all in advance P.S forgot to add using window's10 home 64 bit on both


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